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Residents in Silver Harbour in “Shock & Awe!!!”

Kindret Landscaping was in “Tour De Force” fashion under the guidance of its president Brian Kindret completed a 2 week project on Brayden Drive.

Local residents were amazed to view such an operation with all types of heavy equipment, trucks, trailers and crew on hand. Some 30 spruce trees and over a 100 shrubs were planted, in addition to a multitude of trees being removed. The property was groomed to perfection. ( See our residential landscaping service)

Locals exclaimed how the property has transformed and looks amazing.

Many residents have asked,

”Mr. Kindret, how could you afford this and how can we do the same?”

Mr. Kindret responded by saying,

“I simply purchased gift cards with a great discount offer online and saved a bundle.”

Next year, Mr. Kindret expects to get KL Sprinklers and install an irrigation system.

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