Canada Summer Job partnership

During the summer months of 2017, Kindret Landscaping partnered with the Canadian government through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Connor, a student in the Engineering faculty at the University of Manitoba has been working with Kindret Landscaping since the spring. Here is a little taste of his experience:

Each year there is an opportunity for university students to be employed by Kindret Landscaping during the summer season as the landscaping season is often when students get their summer break. The government occasionally subsidizes these positions that allow students to get paid at a competitive wage while helping businesses grow and develop their business. Luckily enough this summer, that student was me. The standard day at Kindret as a summer student starts with organizing the property enhancement crew in the morning by briefing them with the days job and setting them up with all the material/tools they need. Once the crew is out the door then the next step is to head out on site visits to obtain information for quoting. This is done with the direction of the property manager and bringing measuring tools for calculating quantities (Lots of pictures help as well). After the all the measurements and pictures have been taken, it is time to get back to the office and begin estimating jobs. Once the quote is prepared then it is sent to management for approval and then if it is approved then it is sent to the client.

When and if the client approves the quote/design, it is time to get the ball rolling and start ordering materials and preparing a work order. A work order is basically a checklist for the crews to use to increase the efficiency and productivity in the field. A work order includes the task at hand, a timesheet log, and the material that needs to be picked up. For each different type of material that needs to be picked up, you need a unique purchase order number or PO. These PO’s are used by companies to streamline their accounting. Once the job is ready to go, it is time to slot it into the schedule for a specific day. After the job is completed, you need to track the actual time and material spent on the job to see if you made money or lost money on that particular job. The last step is to invoice the client to make sure that Kindret Landscaping gets paid for the job! All the above is a day in the life of a Kindret Landscaping Summer student. The skills obtained through the work term are valuable in the way that traditional architectural schooling does not teach this. When most landscape architects graduate, the percentage of people who obtain jobs related to their field is extremely low. This is mostly since they have minimal real-world experience. Kindret Landscaping gives you the possibility to obtain this real-world experience while still maintaining student status.

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